The Values of NI21

Our future together - NI21 is committed to building a future together for all in Northern Ireland, moving beyond sterile sectarianism to promote a modern, inclusive Northern Ireland identity for all.

Reform & choice - NI21 will vigorously promote democratic reform of our political institutions to give authentic choice to citizens. We strongly support power-sharing and reject majority rule by any tradition. The creation of a democratic opposition is essential if Northern Ireland is to have accountable government, authentic choice and an alternative to sectarian politics.

Progressive - NI21 is committed to fairness, equality and social justice for all, irrespective of socio-economic background, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation or political allegiance. Our shared responsibilities under the rule of law are fundamental to a shared and pluralist society.

Opportunity - NI21 is committed to opening up economic opportunity and social mobility for all by promoting a vibrant private sector, advancing our region's entrepreneurial talent and culture of enterprise, and supporting a modern public sector within a social market economy.

Our place in the United Kingdom - NI21 believes that the best political, economic and social future for all the people of Northern Ireland is secured within today's United Kingdom, in which diversity and inclusion are shared values. We will promote the common good of all the people of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.


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